Geolocation DMP

Enabling Real-time Audience Segmentation with Geolocation Information

Altumlogics Geolocation DMP

Every piece of media content is delivered to its intended audience within a specific place, whether in a living room, on a moving train, or to a billboard.  Altumlogics Geolocation DMP is a DMP with integrated geolocation information enabling  location-based marketing.

Innovative Open Architecture

Altumlogics Geolocation DMP provides an open architecture, allowing quick, flexible and intelligent 2nd and 3rd party data integration.

Flexible Audience Segmentation Modeling Integrated with Geolocation Data

Altumlogics Geolocation DMP offers a built-in lookalike audience segmentation model integrated with Altumlogics Zoning Maps, and also supports custom models through its open architecture.